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Our Packages


Premium Ceramic Coating & Paint Correction

Gtechniq Ceramic Coating 

3 Year Professional Range From $750 Basic Single Stage Paint Correction For New Cars & Used Cars. C1 Crystal Lacquer. 1 Day Next day pick Up.

5 Year Professional Range From $800 Basic Single Stage Paint Correction For New Cars & Used Cars. Crystal Serum Light. 1 day Next Day Pick Up.

9 Year Professional Range From $900 Basic Single Stage Paint Correction For New Cars & Used Cars. Crystal Serum Ultra. 1 day Next Day Pick Up.

Severe Paint Defects For Used Cars & New Cars Prices starts from $1190

Min 2 days work. 3 Day turn A Round.

Here at Doves Car Detailing, we use some of the finest coating products on the market. 3 5 or 9 Year products.



This includes:

Chemically Decontamination Remove Iron Particles

Mechanically Decontamination

Basic Single Stage To Multiple Stage Paint Correction For Severe Paint Defects

Apply Ceramic Coating 

Warranty Included



Express Wash

From $100 to $170

Doves car detailing EXPRESS WASH is your quick Express hand car wash.

This is design for people that just don't have the time to clean there own cars.

   Foam gun

Wash wheels 

Wash car 2 bucket system

Dry car with microfibre

Wipe down door jams tail gate or boot

Wipe down interior

2 month sealant 

Clean glass inside out

Vacuum seats carpet mats and boot

Tyre sheen

Air fragrance

Pre sale detail Package

From $300

Doves car detailing PRE=SALE Package is design to get your car ready for Pre sale condition like new again. This cover's your car from top to bottom. Looking like new again.

Foam gun with degrease

Wash wheels

Door jambs, boot, tailgate degreaser scrubbed down

Degreaser fuel flat hinge

Wash car

Dry car with microfibre towel

1 step clay seal on the paint work

Wipe down door jambs, tailgate and  boot

Degrease engine, bay and dress

Full Interior clean

Dress up wheel Arche and plastic

Wiper down wheels

Tyre sheen

Full Interior Cleaning package

From $175


My full INTERIOR CLEAN Package is design to cover every part of the interior. To get it all fresh and clean like new again. For New and Used cars.

Blown out the whole interior

Seats Carpets Mats and Boot Vacuumed

Leather Seats Cleaned and Conditioned

Or for cloth interior

Removal of Most Stains, Odours and Bacteria shampoo

Trims, Plastics and Console dressed

Sun Visors cleaned

Interior Windows cleaned

Clean and wipe all interior down


Roof lining spot removal of stains

Floor Mats shampoo or pressure washed

Antibacterial Spray after shampoo of interior