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Ceramic coating

Applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle you are giving it a sacrificial semi-permanent glass layer that will give a gloss level that is unmatched by conventional polymer and organic wax-based protectants. Ceramic coating will not simply wash off like traditional paint sealants and will in fact resist harsh chemical-based cleaners. And the only way to remove the product is to machine polish with a course compound. It cannot be removed with a polish remover.

Ceramic coating actively rejects bonding of contamination and when water is introduced to the surface it carries the contamination off with it.

A ceramic coating will last 2 to 5 years. With the right maintained. Not like tradition sealants and waxes that only last 1 month to 6 months and can’t be removed by a wax and sealant remover.

A ceramic coating will help resist scratching and minor marring both from maintenance washing procedures and in general driving use.

Make maintenance effortless, and keep your car looking great all year round. Enter the new generation of the ceramic coating.

For more information contact me.

Paint correction

A paint correction is a form of paint polishing. Like a cut and polish. A cut and polish are usually a 1 step process. That includes a cut and polish step all in 1 on 1 pad only.

This only eliminates light swirl marks scuffs and oxidisation of the paint.

A paint correction is a multistep process that includes a cutting pad and a finish pad to refine the paint work to a different level. All paint systems are different and varies from paint work condition and thickness. The first step to a multistage paint correction is by measuring the thickness of the clear coat and to determine the history of the car as I need to check if the car has been elsewhere.

We will need a pre-inspection to measure the thickness of clear to see if it can be performed. To see what process will need to be taken. To achieve the best results.

Cut and polishing

A cut and polish is a 1 step process only using a 1 pad for both the cutting and finishing process in 1 pass. This will help improve the overlook of the car and will improve and remove light swirl marks. Dull paint work due to oxidisation. Improvement of the shine gloss and clarity of the paint work.

For a more refined paint finish would recommend to speak to David about a paint correction. This is a multistep process that is more involved. But the finish is the next level in paint polishing.


  • Basic car washing from $60
  • Paint correction from $550
  • Cut and polishing from $130
  • Ceramic coating: new cars from $475
  • Carnauba wax or synthetic wax from $50
  • Full Interior cleaning from $120
  • Plastic fading restoring back to matt black $60
  • Engine bay cleaning and dress $40